Nosotros / About us

Who are InfraCoop?

We are an experienced group of IT Professionals with a vast skills set and an extensive experience, that decided to get together to found Infracoop. We have worked for many different types of companies: National and International, sizes: Small, Mid and Large Corporations, and time zones: India, US, Europe and Latin American.

We are experienced using both Open Source and Commercial Software, always adjusting our tools and processes to the Client needs and requirements.

Our Skills


Infracoop Services rely on the diversity of profiles our professionals have. This variety of background, skills and experiences allow us to build up the best team for each need.

Among our team profiles you can find

System Administrators (for Linux, Unix and Windows Platforms), Database Administrators (Informix, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and PostgreSQL) Team Leaders (to provide guidance and leadership of technical team), Project Managers (qualified professionals to ensure projects success) and Infrastructure Managers (for provisioning, monitoring and improvement management).

And listening to market needs, we include now experts in NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)

Quiénes forman InfraCoop?

Somos un grupo de profesionales de sistemas con vasta trayectoria en el campo de IT que decidimos combinar nuestros conocimientos y experiencias para formar InfraCoop. Hemos venido trabajando para diferentes corporaciones nacionales e internacionales, utilizando tecnologías de Software Comercial y Software Libre.

InfraCoop es un Cooperativa de Trabajo que provee servicios sobre la Infraestructura de IT.

Nuestros perfiles


Tenemos distintos perfiles, con experiencias y conocimientos diversos, que posibilitan combinarlos para encontrar el mejor equipo para cada necesidad.

Tenemos experiencia

en Unix(tm), Linux, Windows, redes, scripting, programación, management de proyectos y administración de bases de datos PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer e Informix.

También tenemos perfiles de administradores de sistemas, administradores de bases de datos y management de infraestructura (provisioning, monitoreo, mejora continua)

Y oyendo las necesidades del mercado, incorporamos recientemente NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)